Au Pairs

If you an au pair looking for a family, we recommend to search on the well-known internet portals, social media groups and Australian classified ads. If you are unsure whether au-pairing or Australia is for you, please contact AAPFA for further advice.

We hope to be able to provide a database in the near future  where au pairs can check the status of our registered members.

To be au pair in Australia, you will most probably travel on a Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) or Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462). You may also come on a student visa or any other visa with working rights. There are limited options for au-pairing on a tourist visa as special conditions need to be met.


If a family claims to support the AAPFA Standards you can check with us. Families claiming to abide by our guidelines however might not necessarily be members; but it is in the spirit of this organisation for families to define their agreements on common standards. Also here, check with us, especially if an offer of a family sounds too good to be true. Never pay any money upfront!

Using one of the many web-based matching services, internet advertisements on classifieds or social media are meanwhile very acceptable and inexpensive alternatives for securing an au pair placement. However, there are always potential risks present and therefore you should always use common sense.

With our member families you have the security that

  1. they understand the Australian au pair regulations and visa requirements and who can take up an au pair position in Australia.
  2. they have access to our service and will be a well prepared host family.
  3. they will present you with a written agreement including scheduled hours, definition of responsibilities and a brief manual with the family rules.
  4. the family will follow standard guidelines and can draw from the experience and advice of other member families.