AAPFA members agree to the following guidelines:

  • Keep their support of the AAPFA current and ongoing while hosting Au Pairs
  • Provide the Au Pair with a link to contact AAPFA for access to third part advice and/or mediation
  • Private room for the au pair, adequately furnished, including heating/cooling where necessary and with a window and door
  • Three country specific meals – 7 days a week: breakfast, lunch and dinner  of the same quality and portion size the host family usually consumes
  • Reasonable access to the internet to allow the au pair to keep in touch with family at home and plan activities in Australia.
  • A family manual with emergency details, general family & household rules and safety instructions
  • Definition of tasks and responsibilities
  • Weekly schedule as soon as practical at least 1 week in advance or being very specific about those times where flexibility is needed
  • One free weekend per month as a minimum
  • Enough time to practice religion (au pair needs to advise this – ask her/him!)
  • Clear terms about any monetary re-imbursement, notice periods and absences of the au pair (vacation, sick)