About us

AAPFA was established in 2013 to ensure that the au pair industry stays to some extend unregulated to allow both au pairs and families the necessary flexibility in their agreements.

All host family members agree to a set of fair conditions as being standard practice in Australia.

The cultural exchange, focus on improving the au pairs English language skills and offering a safe place with the back-up of a mediation body with the foremost criteria to ensure that more families can use the comprehensive guidelines to offer an au pair position.

Host families benefits from the flexible and affordable arrangements and the au pairs have access to a larger number of offers with more options to accommodate their plans for lengths of stay, study commitments or even 2nd working holiday visa options.

Due to the commitment of Australian host families to abide by the guidelines the au pair experience is protected as a rewarding cultural exchange programme in Australia.

AAPFA’s core objectiv es are:

  • To represent the childcare needs of Australian host families in promoting the benefits of au pair cultural exchange programmes to the Australian Government and Australian public.
  • To establish agreed standards for au pair programmes in Australia.
  • To allow families easy and non-bureaucratic access to au pairs.
  • To foster au pair community friendships between Australia and the world and further the understanding of cultural exchange.

Members must meet the Association’s Standards and agree to abide by AAPFA’s Code of Conduct, which signifies competence, fair dealing and family integrity.


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